Why Practiceflow

With Practiceflow, you bring peace, control and profitability to your practice.

Save time

The predefined templates of Practiceflow help you handle patient intakes more efficiently. Imagine how much time you could save by having treatment plans ready in only 15 minutes and by using protocols and smart functions for making lab requests.

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  • 15 min

    to create a custom
    treatment plan

  • 3x

    faster in creating
    a lab request

  • unlimited


Increase profitability

Practiceflow makes you treat more patients within the same time. This enables an increase of your gross revenue by 400 %, with the same resources, while also increasing your treatment quality and patient involvement.

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  • +400%

    gross revenue

  • +65%

    product sales

  • +28%

    follow-up consultations

More overview

Reduce stress in your team by maintaining a clear overview of all processes within your practice. All patient information can be found in one place and searching for files or paper documentations is no longer necessary. Enjoy the calmness and control in your entire practice while offering your staff a great place to work.

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  • 1

    place for all data

  • +46%

    employee retention

  • 9

    critical KPIs to monitor

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