Treat more patients in less time

Due to smart automation in every process step of your practice, you are able to help more patients in less time. From lab request to treatment plan and from appointment scheduling to the infusion protocol: Practiceflow automates your entire practice. This makes you earn more, have more fun and build your practice’s reputation.


There’s a template for that...

Practiceflow enables you to create templates for treatment plans, lab requests and infusion and injection protocols. Working with templates enables you to raise the standard of your service, since you gain more time with each patient.


Create a treatment plan in 15 minutes

Easily create complex treatment plans: supplements, medications, infusions, injections, follow-up examinations and consultations and (nutritional) advice are all managed in a clear manner.


Insight Into the Real Time Performance of Your Practice

Keep a close eye on your most important KPIs via the dashboard. This provides you with clear steering information to make decisions.


Help patients through your online portal

Enable patients to view their treatment plan in your portal. This saves you a lot of communication time via email and phone and increases the customer experience.

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And that's not all...

With Practiceflow, you're ready for a profitable future. Discover the features that will take your practice to the next level.

Prescription management

Easily and quickly create (repeated) prescriptions for patients.

Online calendar and scheduling module

Schedule appointments with clients and reduce no-shows by sending them an automated reminder and/or text message through the system.

Patient file

Maintain a complete digital patient record that can be viewed by every practitioner within the practice.

Automatically generated print labels

Print labels for  infusion bags or syringes automatically while also saving time and preventing errors.

Authorization system

Define the authorization of your practice staff, to only provide them access to the data which they are authorized to see.

Integrate other software with Practiceflow

Save even more time by easily linking your billing, accounting or CRM software to Practiceflow.

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100% secure and in accordance with legal privacy requirements

When working with medical and privacy-sensitive information, Practiceflow guarantees 100% secure data processing.


SSL encryption for data exchange

All data is encrypted via a secure connection. Qualys SSL Labs, an independent assessor, has rated Practiceflow at the maximum achievable score (A+ rating).


Web and Email are watertight gives Practiceflow a high rating for web and mail security.


Multiple backups per day

Secure backups are made several times a day, providing certainty that data is stored securely and never lost.

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