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We believe the price of your software should match the size of your practice, that’s why we have Practiceflow flexible pricing options. No matter your practice size, we have a solution that fits your needs. 



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Practiceflow is a comprehensive EMR and EHR software for functional medicine practices that simplifies and optimizes your practice management. With an array of features designed to streamline your workflow, Practiceflow helps you increase efficiency, see more patients, and grow your revenue. By automating every step of your practice, from lab requests to treatment plans, and appointment scheduling to the infusion protocol, Practiceflow reduces administrative burden and gives you more time to focus on patient care. With Practiceflow, you can enhance your practice’s reputation, enjoy your work more, and earn more revenue.

  • KPI dashboard for tracking performance
  • Personal branding options for PDFs, portals, and login pages
  • Compliant with HIPAA and GDPR regulations
  • Works on iPad, phone, and other devices
  • Add multiple practitioners and admin users
  • Secure Storage for data and files
  • Fax & SMS

  • Manage client information (name, DOB, address and such)
  • Organize medical records
  • Keep track of client interactions/interviews
  • Create, send, and manage forms and informed consents
  • Create templates for SOAP notes, messages, and journals
  • Create treatment plans (including lifestyle changes, diet, supplements, injections, resources, follow-up lab tests, and consultations)
  • Share documents and resources with clients
  • Import or Export client data from and to excel
  • Create and manage full script prescriptions (coming soon)
  • Create lab draw forms
  • Send (bulk) emails and text messages to clients
  • Order labs through Rupa Health (coming soon)
  • Keep an archive of inactive patients
  • Manage lab results and requests
  • Provide a daily overview of appointments in a PDF format
  • Manage prescriptions
  • Follow up on treatments automatically
  • Keep track of current medications
  • Group clients by tags
  • Provide an overview of no-shows
  • Keep track of referral sources
  • Invoice clients (coming soon)
  • Patient portal

  • Reminders and notifications (via email and SMS)
  • Patient portal with appointment overview, prescription overview, treatment plan, lab results, documents, forms, resources, invoices, and chat
  • Option for clients to book services via the patient portal
  • Ability to send email and SMS messages directly to clients
  • Automatic emails for treatment follow-up, lab work, and appointments
  • Bulk email/SMS functionality for sending messages to multiple clients
  • Ability to easily share resources, such as diet plans.

  • Automated booking, rescheduling, confirmation, and reminder notifications
  • Option for clients to book appointments through the patient portal
  • Ability to send appointment reminders via SMS and/or email
  • Ability to create custom email and SMS templates
  • Treatment follow-up management system
  • Automated resource availability management.

  • Easy drag-and-drop form editor
  • Auto-save feature while filling out forms
  • Ability to create informed consents
  • Option to create MSQs (medical symptom questionnaires)
  • Option to create intake forms or any other form
  • Ability to clone or copy forms
  • Predefined question templates, such as scale ratings and timeline elements.

  • Ability to create a PDF of prescriptions
  • Option to send prescriptions with fax.
  • Ability to create treatment protocols
  • Ability to create customized infusion and injection protocols
  • Ability to create lab request protocols.

  • Ability to access documents in the patient portal
  • Option for clients to book services via the patient portal
  • Access to appointment information in the patient portal
  • Ability to view treatment plans in the patient portal
  • Access to prescriptions in the patient portal
  • Ability to view lab results in the patient portal
  • Resources for patient education are available in the patient portal
  • Access to forms in the patient portal

  • Invoicing system (coming soon)
  • Ability to accept payments with Stripe (coming soon)
  • Automated reminders (coming soon)
  • Option to create invoices automatically based on calendar appointments, and generate all invoices for a certain day with one click (coming soon).
  • With just one click, you can effortlessly handle the pricing of all your services.
  • Superbills (soon)

  • Create customized treatment plans in under 15 minutes
  • Automated personalized treatment plans with detailed descriptions, intake advice, and contraindications for prescribed elements
  • Automated check for interactions between prescribed substances in the treatment plan
  • Send treatment plans to clients
  • Save treatment plans in the patient portal
  • Send automated reminders for follow-up lab work
  • Send automated reminders for follow-up consultations
  • Treatment plan management system
  • Automated treatment plan follow-up system
  • Automated quote for treatment plan
  • Ability to link prescribed supplements to any webshop.
  • Ability to connect with Fullscript (coming soon)

  • Take control of your lab results with our customizable overview feature!
  • Set your own reference ranges and optimize your lab results analysis.
  • Design your own labdraw forms for hassle-free lab testing.
  • Save time with automatic signing of labrequest and labdraw forms.
  • Streamline your lab procedures with our customizable labrequest protocols.
  • Stay on top of your lab clients' progress with our automated follow-up system.
  • Easily upload and view labresult PDFs.
  • Never worry about manual calculations again - our software automatically calculates the total price of your labrequests.

  • Ability to create infusion and injection protocols
  • Ability to print infusion bag labels
  • Inventory management for IV/IM supplies
  • Usage tracking of IV and IM vials/ampoules
  • IV and IM treatment planning system
  • IV and IM treatment tracking
  • Automated checking of interactions between IV substances
  • Recall management system

  • Number of new clients per month
  • Number of appointments made
  • Number of services used
  • Number of no-shows
  • Overview of internal document revisions
  • Number of active and inactive clients
  • Overview of referral sources.

  • Document system for organizing internal documents
  • Quality management system for organizing documents related to ISO or other quality certifications
  • Meeting documentation system for organizing meeting-related documents.

  • Stripe: Payment gateway integration
  • Zapier (connect with 5000+ applications)
  • Fullscript (soon, final testing stage)
  • Rupa health (soon)
  • Moneybird (soon)
  • Woocommerce (soon)
  • More to come soon!

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Questions? We are happy to help you!

  • Is the software suitable for me?

    Yes, there are five versions of the software available. A starter plan to trial our software. A beginner plan for small practices just starting. A growth plan for practices seeing growth and expansion. An Advanced plan for the medium to large-sized practices. Unlimited plans for large practices and IV clinics with over 600 clients. You only pay for the functionality that you use.

  • Do I need to download any software to use it?

    No, Practiceflow works entirely in the cloud. The software is accessible on any computer with an internet connection.

  • Does the software also connect to my CRM system?

    Yes, you can connect Practiceflow to most CRM systems via webhooks and Zapier.

  • Can I put my current client list in the program?

    Yes, you can easily import an Excel file of your current clients into the software.

  • Are reminders sent automatically?

    Yes, the software automatically sends reminders for essential appointments to clients by both SMS and email, saving you a lot of time.

  • What about user authorization?

    You can set user profiles to determine who has access to different parts of a medical file or various parts of a program. Through smart authorizations, nobody sees client information that he or she is not allowed to see.

  • Can you add multiple users to the system?

    Yes, you can add multiple users/practitioners within one account/location. If you work within a team, this software will significantly improve collaboration and increase team satisfaction.

  • Is the software easy to use?

    The software was made and developed by functional/integrative medicine practitioners. As a result, Practiceflow was formed from the perspective of the user (the practitioner). This makes the software very intuitive and, therefore, easy to learn.

  • What size practices can benefit from the software?

    Practiceflow is suitable for both large and small practices.

  • Is a backup made of my data?

    Yes, secure backups are made several times a day in the cloud.

  • Does Practiceflow meet the latest privacy standards?

    Yes, the software fully complies with all legal standards regarding the privacy of medical data.

  • Is the Practiceflow software safe?

    Yes, the software is 100% secure. The lastest web application firewalls protect the software. We only use encrypted communication with the database.

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