Practice Flow IV Protocols

All-in-one Practice Management Solution for

Nutritional IV Clinics

Automate your IV treatment management and increase efficiency with Practiceflow: the only software that allows your practice to create unique treatment plans resulting in happier clients, more productive employees, and a more profitable practice.

How Practiceflow Can Help

Run your Nutritional IV clinic more efficiently with Practiceflow. Use our software to auto-calculate the purchase price of self-created IV protocol, track and log each patient’s infusions, keep track of IV ampoule inventory, automatically calculate selling prices and create a treatment plan with IVs, supplements, and diet advice.


We can also help your staff with efficiencies in the protocol process by assigning IV protocol to the patient’s appointment, automatically showing side effects and contradictions in the treatment plan when a specific IV protocol is selected, and adding notes to each IV treatment.


In addition, our software helps during treatment with:

Automated IV bag labels with:

  • + Patient name
  • + DOB
  • + IV substances used in the bag
  • + Date of treatment
  • + Drip time
  • + Infusion fluid

Infusion and injection schedule: 

    • + Give a clear overview of IV protocols the client receives in the treatment period
    • + Number of total treatments and treatments received
    • + Status of IV schedule (active/inactive)
    • + Automated dismissal notice of the IV treatment
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What is Practiceflow

Practiceflow is a management software that completely revolutionizes how your Nutritional IV practices work. From lab requests and treatment plans to appointment scheduling and infusion protocol, Practiceflow automates and improves every step of your process. This means you earn more, have more fun, and build your Nutritional IV practice’s reputation with minimal effort.

See how Practiceflow can work for you!

Are you lagging behind in your work? Growing your Nutritional IV practice doesn’t have to mean more pain and frustration. In fact, your practice should operate seamlessly without you working late or even being physically present. But how?


My name is Tim Kors, the founder of Practiceflow. Since 2006, I have employed eight multidisciplinary doctors and practitioners in my functional medicine practice. For years, I felt like the practice was running me instead of me running the practice. And my feeling was not wrong: I juggled all sorts of systems and programs, causing a serious lack of overview. The consequence? Lots of frustrations and an inability to grow.


Therefore, I decided to develop an automated client fulfillment system that can work wonderfully for Nutritional IV practices. Practiceflow solves the core frustrations of running our practice and helps us grow effortlessly.


We have already benefited greatly from this software! Now I would also like to introduce your Nutritional IV practice to the great advantages of Practiceflow.

Practice Flow - Tim Kors

Practiceflow by the numbers

See how our unique management software for Nutritional IV practices makes a difference to clients around the globe.

Save Time

The predefined templates of Practiceflow help you handle patient intakes more efficiently. Imagine how much time you could save by having treatment plans ready in only 15 minutes and using protocols and smart functions for making lab requests.

15 Minutes

To create a custom treatment plan


Faster in Creating Lab Requests


Templates for multiple treatment tasks

Increased Profitability

Practiceflow allows you to treat more patients within the same time. This enables an increase of your gross revenue by 400%, with the same resources, while also increasing your treatment quality and patient involvement.


Gross revenue


Product Sales


Follow-up consultations

Overview of Your Practice

Reduce stress in your team by maintaining a clear overview of all processes within your practice. All patient information is in one place, which means no more searching for files or paper documentations. Enjoy a calmer, more controlled work environment that your staff will enjoy working in.


Place for all data


employee retention


critical KPIs to monitor