Practice Flow Automated Software

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The only functional medicine software that allows your practice to thrive by automating your workflow allowing you to see more patients, saves your staff time and makes you more profitable.

What is Practice Flow

Practice Flow is a software solution for functional medicine EMR and EHR practices that complexly revolutionizes your practice and how it works. Due to smart automation in every process step of your practice, you are able to help more patients in less time. From lab request to treatment plan and from appointment scheduling to the infusion protocol: Practiceflow automates your entire practice. This makes you earn more, have more fun and build your practice’s reputation.

See how Practice Flow can work for you!

Does a higher patient load mean exponentially more work stress for you and your team? In other words: is growing your practice equal to more pain and frustration?

Are you lagging behind in your work?

Does your practice only operate properly when you are physically present?

Is your practice running you instead of you running the practice? 

Are you working late to get everything done?


Hi my name is Tim Kors, functional medicine practitioner and founder of Practiceflow. I have had a functional medicine practice since 2006, which now employs eight multidisciplinary doctors and practitioners. For years I had the same frustrations as you.  

I worked with all kinds of programs in parallel. For example, I had a separate scheduling system for appointments, I created treatment plans in Excel, and used a word processor to maintain patient records. I kept charts of medication on paper. I juggled between all sorts of systems and programs and missed the overview. 

As a consequence of this we were frustrated and our practice was not able to grow or scale.

That is why I started to develop an automated client fulfillment system for functional or integrative practices. Due to this system our core frustrations with running a practice are solved and our practice grows and scales effortlessly. We have already benefited from the enormous efficiency advantages of the system. 

I would also like to introduce your practice to Practiceflow and show you the great benefits of the software. 


Practice Flow by the numbers

Save Time

15 Minutes

To create a custom treatment plan


Faster in Creating Lab Requests


Templates for multiple treatment tasks

Increased Profitability


Gross revenue


Product Sales


Follow-up consultations

Overview of Your Practice


Place for all data


employee retention


critical KPIs to monitor