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Is the Practiceflow software safe? 
Yes, the software is 100% secure. The lastest web application firewalls protect the software. We only use encrypted communication with the database. 
Does Practiceflow meet the latest privacy standards?
Yes, the software fully complies with all legal standards regarding the privacy of medical data.
Is a backup made of my data? 
Yes, secure backups are made several times a day in the cloud.
What size practices can benefit from the software?
Practiceflow is suitable for both large and small practices. 
Is the software easy to use?
The software was made and developed by functional/integrative medicine practitioners. As a result, Practiceflow was formed from the perspective of the user (the practitioner). This makes the software very intuitive and, therefore, easy to learn.
Can you add multiple users to the system?
Yes, you can add multiple users/practitioners within one account/location. If you work within a team, this software will significantly improve collaboration and increase team satisfaction. 
What about user authorization? 
You can set user profiles to determine who has access to different parts of a medical file or various parts of a program. Through smart authorizations, nobody sees client information that he or she is not allowed to see. 
Are reminders sent automatically?
Yes, the software automatically sends reminders for essential appointments to clients by both SMS and email, saving you a lot of time.
Can I put my current client list in the program?
Yes, you can easily import an Excel file of your current clients into the software. 
Does the software also connect to my CRM system?
Yes, you can connect Practiceflow to most CRM systems via webhooks and Zapier.
Do I have to download software to use it?
No, Practiceflow works entirely in the cloud. The software is accessible on any computer with an internet connection.
My practice does not use infusions/injections or laboratory requests. Is the software still suitable for me?
Yes, there are three versions of the software available(small, medium, large). You only pay for the functionalities that you use.

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