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The only functional medicine software that allows your practice to thrive by automating your workflow allowing you to see more patients, saving your staff time, and making you more profitable.

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Practice Assessment

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Take our practice assessment to see how PracticeFlow can revolutionize your practice. The assessment will take 3-5 minutes to complete and we will email you your results in a full and detailed report. We’re confident PracticeFlow can be perfect for your functional medicine practice. 

What is PracticeFlow

PracticeFlow is a software solution for functional medicine EMR and EHR practices that complexly revolutionizes your practice and how it works. Due to smart automation in every process step of your practice, you are able to help more patients in less time. From lab request to treatment plan and from appointment scheduling to the infusion protocol: Practiceflow automates your entire practice. This makes you earn more, have more fun and build your practice’s reputation.


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