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All tools & software for a functional medicine practice in one system.
The use of different software programs side-by-side is no longer necessary. With the Practiceflow software, you can conveniently manage your patient file ....

Save time

  • Create reusable text templates for interview reports and treatment plans
  • ​Treatment plans ready within 15 minutes
  • Automated message follow-up

More profit

  • More time left for more customers
  • ​Fewer cancellations due to automated reminders
  • ​Higher supplement sales

More overview

  • Less stress through a clear overview
  • ​All information available in one place
  • ​A complete switch from paper to digital. Accessible everywhere
And many more benefits...
Management of treatment plans.
Easily and quickly prepare patient-personalized treatment plans for clients. You manage supplements, medicines, infusions, injections, follow-up examinations, consultations, and (nutritional) advice in a well-organized treatment plan.
An integrated online calendar module.
Schedule appointments with clients and send them an automatic reminder email or SMS. 
Clients have 24/7 insight through their portal.
Clients have 24/7 access to their files via an online portal.
Prescription management.
Easily and quickly make prescriptions for patients.
Connect with CRM, accounting package or billing program.
Practiceflow links easily via webhooks and Zapier with CRM systems, accounting packages, and invoicing programs.
Management of treatment protocols.
Standard protocols can be made in the system so that you can reuse them later.
Patient file.
Keep a fully digital patient file that is accessible to every practitioner within the practice.
According to the highest healthcare requirements.
Make patient-personalized multi-therapeutic treatment plans easily and quickly that meet the highest health care requirements.
View the options and functionalities in a short demo.
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